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Mr.Mikhail from France.


Mike and his friend.
European bass and pike of 3k and 2k.
In lake of Geneva.
Good fish!!
Thank you.

Mr. Sergio From Brazil.


Brilliant bass of Sao Paulo.
Lure is Jig Wacky Techne with a Flik Sake.
Thank you.

Mr. Dave Jackson from New Jersey U.S.A.


It is big BASS.
He said.
"7lb LMB I caught on May 2nd in NJ using a swimbait for the first time"

Mr. Andrew from Australia.


Andrew Susani again.
A fish is Murray Cod.
It is an appetizing fish.
His tackle is very good.
He said.
The fish name is Murray Cod and it is the largest growing freshwater
fish in Australia. The biggest one I have heard of from this dam was
40kg. I hope I don't hook one of those!

Mr. Eros from Italy.


It is Mr. Eros which catch bass with Palms Flame Rod.
Though he is cold, he is splendid.
Red rod is the best match to him.

Mr. Alan and his friend from California of U.S.A.


Night fishing at Lake Casitas So. California night fishing both over 10!!
There is rarely such big BASS in Japan.
He is enviable.

My daughter YUMI


My daughter and fishing on a boat.
A daughter caught it with an electric reel from the deep sea of 200 meters.
It is a kind of a rockfish.
It is a very delicious fish.
A daughter is the fish which I caught! ! She cried and all ate.

Mr. Ray from Pennsylvania U.S.A.


I am sorry that a picture is small.
It is a beautiful small mouth.
Thank you.

Mr. Diederik from the Netherlands.


It is a big fish.
And a splendid location.
The Netherlands.
I want to go by all means.
Thank you.

Mr. Mikhail Levtchenko and her from France


It is a pike of 1 kg and 0.5 kg in St.Petersburg region.
It is a beautiful pike.
A lure is a rapala jointed lure.
She is pretty!!! wife of him.
Thank you.

Mr. Thomas Leinauer from Germany.


A pike of 90 centimeters that he caught in a river.
A lure is Rapalla X-Rap.
And a big pike is beautiful.
In Japan, there is not such a pike.
Can eat this fish?

Mr. Andrew from Australia.


Mr. Andrew from Australia.
It is splendid scenery.
A fish is beautiful, too.
I want to do fishing in such a place.
I do not have been to Australia.
I want to go by all means.

Mr. friend Cristian of Mr. Eros from Italy.


It is Mr. friend Cristian of Mr. Eros from Italy.
He seems to be good at fishing, too.
It is wonderful bass.
All the Italians are cool!!
I am not cool. My picture is not shown.^^

Mr. Eros Pedrazzoli from Italy.


My Italian friend Eros.
It is nice size, beautiful bass and pike.
TD-ito shines!!
He is a nice guy, too.
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