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I sell an item for Japanese Yen.
I request the invoice of Paypal for Japanese Yen.

The payment for the U.S. dollar or the euro is possible, too.
When you hope for payment except the Japanese Yen,
I convert it in an exchange rate and request it.

*I recommend payment for the Japanese Yen.

The payment by the international postal money order,
I convert it in an exchange rate and request it.

The invoice of paypal is sent within 48hours after an order.
Please pay within 5 days.

sInternational postal money ordert
A bill is sent within 48 hours after an order.
Please let an international postal money order arrive within 14 days.

sOther Peymentt
The other payment does not accept it.

Shipment is worldwide.
I ship in EMS after a payment check within 48 hours.
I inform it of a tracking number after shipment.

yShipping Costz
US / Australia / Asia F
@@1st Reel--\ 1,860Yen. 2st Reel --add \ 900Yen each.
Europe F
@@1st Reel--\ 2,200Yen. 2st Reel --add \ 1,100Yen each.
South America / Other Area F
@@1st Reel--\ 2,780Yen. 2st Reel --add \ 1,400Yen each.

* Ship a rod and a reel by EMS or international cargo.

yReturn policyz
Returns not accepted for this item.
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